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Potential Station Activities
Three Flash files that demonstrate the "how to" of setting up absolute value problems (1 equation, 1 less than inequality and 1 greater than inequality). Three Flash files for illustrating the concept behind absolute value equations and inequalities. Assorted pictures.
Translating Absolute Value-1
Translating Absolute Value-2
This gallery contains a few visual pieces that help construct the apples and oranges metaphor that seems to be popular with many teachers. Some apples and oranges have variable terms on them as well. Negative variable expressions can be represented by rotating the fruit to an upside down position.

Congruent Triangles
(Aug 25, 2007)

Contains a series of links to interactive Geometer's Sketchpad documents where students can investigate the Congruence Notions. The graphic organizer in this gallery called Congruence Organizer Web is great for helping students remember what theorems prove congruency and which notions fail to prove congruency. The congruences link to sketchpad documents that help students explore/review the congruence and non-congruence theorems. You must have sketchpad to run them.
This gallery contains the standard form equations for circles, ellipses and hyperbolas. There are also links to some sketchpad files for interacting with the a,b,h,k & r values found in these standard forms.

(Aug 25, 07)

This gallery is divided into 5 sub-galleries (gcf, difference of squares, perfect square trinomials, quadratic trinomials, sum/difference of cubes) These galleries contain organizers and specials forms involved for performing factoring.
This gallery contains a good graphic organizer to help students identify the appropriate terms to multiply together when doing FOIL. The picture that has the letters FOIL written out twice can be dragged onto the organizer to help give greater clarity for a given problem. There are also two Flash files in this gallery. One is an example of expanding a binomial. The other is a reminder that (a+b)2 is equivalent to (a+b)(a+b).

Cubes, Squares, Root Chart-1
Cubes, Squares, Root Chart-2

A GOLD-MINE of formulas that are time consuming to create on Equation Editor. This gallery is divided into 3 sub-galleries for Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. Those 3 galleries are divided into specific areas as well. Keep checking back for updates on this gallery as it is guaranteed.
This gallery contains a few pictures that illustrate how to remember the vertical line test. The two Flash files illustrate how to solve problems that a teacher can create using the to Template Pages called Function Algebra Set-Up-1 & Function Algebra Set-Up-2. I used these to construct the Station Activity files in the gallery, but included these blank pages so that teachers can generate more problems similar to the ones found in those station activity files.

Function Algebra Set-Up 1
Function Algebra Set-Up 2
Function Algebra Set-Up 3
Function Algebra Set-Up 4

(Aug 07)

Graph Paper
(Aug 09)
Pictures and backgrounds of graph paper including 10x10, 4x4 and first quadrant graph paper planes. There is a sub-gallery dedicated to trigonometric graph paper as well.
(Aug 07)
(Aug 07)
Some visual tools for solving the consecutive integer problems. Integer chips and related organizers that help students comprehend the equivilant relationships when adding/subtracting positives and negatives.
Integer Emotion1
Integer Emotion 2
Opposite Operation Relationships-1
Opposite Operation Relationships-2
(Aug 09)
This gallery is divided into 6 sub-galleries. three of the sub-galleries (log base 2, log base 3 & log base 4) contain log manipulatives. The length of each log is the value of the log. For example, the log labeled log28 is 3 inches long because the value of that expression is 3. Brown logs are positive while black logs are negative. Hence when showing the addition of a brown log and a black log, you can show how the black one covers the brown one to indicate a subtraction. This helps kids explore and discover some of the log properties contained in the gallery called log properties.
(Aug 07)
(Aug 07)
Piecewise Functions
(Aug 07)
This gallery combines some of Notebook's standard Flash tools (dice, spinners, etc.) with some of my own graphic organizers for probability. The gallery contains a background for the two dice outcomes with pertinent overlays, a deck of cards, organizers for mutually exclusive events, an overlays for spinners, and a rough simulation for black jack.
(Aug 07)
Right Triangle Trig
(Aug 07)
Slope & Lines
(Sept 09)
Solving Equations
(Aug 07)
(Aug 07)
(Nov 20, 2007)
This gallery contains graphic organizers used for teaching how to create graphs using transformations of the function f(x)=a*f(x-h)+k.
Trig Tools
(Aug 07)


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